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Unsure of What Type of Shoes to Get? Check this out!

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Things to Consider...

Finding the right shoe for your child may seem difficult if you're new to track & field. Don't worry! Our shoe guide will help you choose the best shoes for your athlete. For practices, a basic running shoe is needed. You'll want something that has a lot of foot support. Thin soles can produce some ankle, shin, and knee problems over time. Choose a running shoe with thicker soles.

Spikes aren't necessary until we find out what type of athlete your child is. If they are a sprinter or distance runner, there are two types of shoes to choose from, where if they are a jumper or thrower, there is only one type of shoe. There are many different brands to choose from, and many different prices you'll see. Use this guide and feel free to ask the coaching staff if you have any additional questions.

Where can
I buy running   shoes?

Dick's Sporting Goods, Christiana Mall, DE

Delaware Running Co., Wilmington, DE

Elite Feet, Middletown, DE

Tying Shoelaces
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