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What to Expect with Velocity XTC

Spring keeps trying to emerge, but unfortunately, winter is not trying to give a reprieve, and it's not like track season is going to wait on spring to get here to get rolling along. It's here, and moving rapidly, like Velocity (pun intended). You may be new to the "club track and field world" or new to the area, as I am, and you may not have a good grasp of what you're getting your child into. I'm here to support you and your child (ren) in gaining a better understanding of the 'Wonderful World of Track & Field'. I started track at the age of 7. I can clearly remember the day my mom asked me, "Court, do you want to run track?”. The way she asked me made it sound so exciting even though I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had never heard of "running track" and at my age, I thought it had to do with trains and railroad tracks, racing trains or something to that matter - Ha! I tried it and found that I loved competing, I loved racing people from different areas, I loved making new friends from all over; I developed a drive to be the fastest, the best... but I wasn't that fast. This new thing called Track began to pull me back every year, and the more I came back, the faster I got. I developed more coordination, quickness and power which gave me an extra edge over my competitors in EVERY sport I played. The better I became at running, the better athlete I became in the other middle and high school sports I played, I mean, because running IS the foundations of most sports anyway, right? RIGHT! Because running IS the foundation of most sports, you can guarantee that as your child(ren) gets developed into a better runner (sprints, distance, and all), they will become a better all-around athlete! So what can you expect? You can expect talent to be cultivated. You can expect persistence in athletic development. You can expect goal setting and high standards. You can expect accountability. You can expect for hidden potential to be unleashed. You can expect to see major improvement from being consistent and coming back yearly. You can expect hard work and dedication to all athletes. You can expect good and bad practice and/or meets days, with coaches in your corner to support through it all. You can expect to gain a whole new appreciation for track and field from the new experiences that are ahead of us all. In my experience, I've learned that there are many possibilities and opportunities that stem from track and field. It is my goal to equip the next generation athletes with the foundations of solid elite training, and make it fun! Track has taken me all over the world, and it is my desire to prepare athletes to someday get some of the many opportunities I had, if not more. Your athlete is in good hands, register them here: VelocityXpress

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